Filled with drive and ambition, Fernanda Herrera has rapidly become an essential member of the AnEFX team. Showing a variety of skills, she has proven to be a sharp engineer with a great passion for audio and technology. She transitioned from the music industry, where she worked as a recording and mixing engineer, to the Hollywood post-production world, after graduating from Berklee College or Music with a Bachelor’s in Music Production and Engineering. Fernanda is well-versed in the studio environment, having worked as a freelance engineer at world-class facilities, including Flux Studios, a state-of-the-art recording facility in the Lower East Side of NYC. More recently, she worked as a score technical engineer with award-winning composer Fil Eisler on the music for shows like Empire, UnReal, Revenge, and Shameless. Fernanda’s methodical nature allows her to multi-task and work on every show that comes through AnEFX. She continues to produce brilliant results and is pleased to be a part of a talented and hard-working team.